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DOM, Advertising Agency

    We are a highly professional advertising agency and committed to the outcome, based on the basis of Italian Design.

    We work with reality, plans, professional and personal achievements of each client.

    So we accept the mission to be an Advertising More than Full Agency,
thus offering all languages and possibilities of real Advertising.

    We are the sponsors of many businesses that work, all that through our work and with a few differences that make our customer always be highlighted.

    Always seeking the differential every new customer and following the actual concept of Advertising, which should be seen as an investment. And that's what we offer: The Difference and Financial Return on Investment.

    For all types of business, are: industries, agro-business, businesses, shops, athletes, celebrities, professional liberals, groups and even multinationals. ;]

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Creation, Renewal, Planning and Execution


Full assistance

In Advertising, Marketing, Design and Web Business.

Advertising Account (monthly fee)

All Our Services for your financial return is guaranteed. Format Through an Investment Agreement for Affordable and Profitable. It is perfectly fitting to the business budget.

Marketing Incorporation

We act as the marketing sector of your business, you want and we offer solutions, you send and we execute.

Advertising Campaigns

Annual Marketing Planning (your featured business all year); Advertising Campaigns (inserts in newspapers, magazines, billboards, TV, car audio); Marketing actions (toll, leafleting, flashmobil, expertise, tasting, commercial representation); Political Campaigns (jingle fixative, saints, tv commercials, proposals folder).

Analysis Planning

Financial Return (based on the client's budget, seeking greater profit of shares); Market Research, Opinion and Policy (no inventions, say no to those who sell prizes); Hidden customer (the agent goes into the field pretending to be a customer of your company, and identify gaps in marketing, service,
sales, management, store layout, product placement, ways of approach, knowledge of the products and services offered).


Motivational, Safety, Quality and sectorization.

Training Marketing

Personal Marketing, Corporate, Customer Service, Sales, Prospecting, Closing and Post-sales, every company that seeks quality needs.


Creation, Design and Concepts

Identity (logo, logo, safety booklet brand, Branding and Re-Branding); Design Advertising materials (highly professional, using all the capabilities of design and very Advertising approach); Atmosphere design (furniture, paintings, pictures, wall stickers); Model Electronics (3D, ideal for builders, architects and engineers, with animated simulation); Projection facades and 3D environment and 3D Real (want to see before painting, or make letter box, or totem); Design of Products (Brand, Assignment of Copyright, Brand Registration, Patent, Technical Manuals, Warranty and Packaging Certificates).

Printed Media and Printed Material

Supplies Complete (business cards, brochures presentation, letterheads, envelopes, stickers, folder bag or ear, flyers, brochures catalogs of products and services, Outdoors, bus doors). In addition to All Creation, the DOM has a printed sector in working with very competitive values ​​of printed materials in partnership with the Best Graphics.


Institutional Products, Services and TV commercials (creative, fixatives).

Web media


Sites (hotsites, simple sites, advanced, fully dynamic, self-managing); Virtual stores (online purchase, Boleto, PagSeguro, PagFácil and RedeCard cards); MalaDireta Online (Email Marketing with interests filter); Viral marketing (bank with more than 1 million emails regional / Brazil).

Search services

ads on Google, Your Business Always on Top on Google Search, Google Campaign Management, Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Social Media

Management Social networks facebook and twitter; Buzz AP (buzz).

Domains on the Internet

Domain Registration, reserve for future investment and parking block competitor.

Applications for Smartphones

Creation update and availability of Apps for all tablets and smartphones. Compatible with IOS and Android.

        ALL our services, you will find the real meaning of doing Advertising, which is the return on investment. Financial return, of course.

        Tirelessly seek it for your business. No magic, just studies and techniques that work. All in agreement - satisfaction and Return or Finish Service.

Your business protected by DOM advertising, marketing and design.


Some of our clients:




Dairy Partners America


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Work with the best to be one of them.

    In addition to a Beautiful Collection of Human Talent Advertising, Marketing and Design, the Agency DOM provides training to all patricians, and also offers each customer a Full Assistance in Personal Marketing, Internal Marketing, Sales and Service.

    Thus, those who use our services, is always ready for the market.

    "Tell me with whom you walk, I will tell you who you are." (old saying)

    "Work with the best to be one of them." (our maximum)


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